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Monday, March 9, 2009

Ten months to doom

REUTERS: Approximately 50 million environmental refugees are expected to appear very soon in neighbourhoods around the world following 2005 predictions that this would happen by 2010.

A top United Nations University expert estimates that since there have been hardly any environmental refugees so far, this means the world can expect approximately 50 million environmental refugees over the next 10 months - equivalent, on average, to 5 million per month.

Alarmingly, these climate refugees appear not to have a name apart from "climate refugees".

Even more alarmingly, some lady from World Vision says a "large proportion" of the 50 million climate refugees expected over the next 10 months will have to come to Australia, because the places worst effected include Tuvalu, Kiribati, Fiji and Tonga.

More details of what we can expect over the next 10 months here.

UPDATE: A detailed map of where the 50 million refugees will come from over the next ten months here.

UPDATE II: Tuvalu is renowned as one of the islands most susceptible to sea level rise. This article asks: What Will Become of Tuvalu's Climate Refugees?

Turns out, many will be living in Tuvalu. This census shows that Tuvalu's population has grown steadily (at least to 2008), and that "environmental refugee" is not one of the reasons given by those who have left the island. At least - not yet.

UPDATE III: Although not totally up to date, the latest statistics in Fiji, Tonga and Kiribati all show increasing populations.


Dean04Prez said...

This is horrifying news.

Anonymous said...

Your right Dean, this IS horrifying news, now they'll get a huge budget increase to 'achieve' those numbers in the next crazed "UN wants to control the world" program. Complete with a self congratulatory 'international prestige' award for accomplishing nothing, making things worse, and wasting more money.

blogstrop said...

The climate refugees I've heard of were expats who came home to Australia because they couldn't take any more of the grey English weather.

Margo's Maid said...

That's a very good point 'strop. Brits are usually Australia's first or second most numerous immigrants (along with NZ). Warmer weather would encourage more to stay home to get a tan. Only catch is that they're not getting warmer weather.

Hello Birdy said...

This is like a race to see if the realists can hold off the warmists (& tax-crazy governments who see the opportunity) long enough for them to have to admit that they are simply destroyers of freedom and capitalism.

I realize that we may have to be well into a full blown ice-age before they say uncle, because well ... when leftists gets a bone in their teeth, they won't let go ... just like the dogs that they are.

For they dream of the day when we can all be equal.

Anonymous said...

Well *duh*, after putting up with a winter like we had in Canada, I can see at least 25-30 000 000 refugees from the environment.

Only problem is we are running south into the global warming.

Anonymous said...

Yep. The already challenging weather in the fly-over states is enough to filter any alleged climate change riff-raff from cluttering my neighborhood. Even the river rats have short seasons here chased southward by the relentless blasts emanating from the frigid north [Canada].

1138 said...

The populations relocated from Katrina and the Pacific Tsunami's are environmental refugees.

Change is already past the point of no return.