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Monday, March 30, 2009

A Rudderman in New York II

The following are some of the prepared remarks from the Australian Prime Minister at a press conference in New York as published on his website:

It’s good to be here in New York and to have an opportunity to argue Australia’s, the strength of Australia’s economic take to many of the large corporates who are home based in this city. To argue also the strengths of the Australian economy.

But out there across the OECD, our growth in Australia has (inaudible) in the top five of seven of the OECD.

Some have argued that what is this whole debate about, as far as impaired assets or damaged assets held by the world’s biggest banks.

All of which makes us wonder why we sent Kevin to New York instead of Milo Kerrigan.

(By the way, this is what Rudd was doing in New York last time he visited - if you haven't seen it already, scrutinise closely what is happening at 1.55.)


bruce said...

Hey he's working for the ChiComs, those are coded messages in phonetically transposed pinyin.

Only wish we didn't have to pay him.

TW: sapper!

Egg said...

Confucius say man who wax poll sure to Score UNbelievability.