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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Never doubt the waters

On March 1, the ShadowLands predicted:

The ShadowLands has a feeling in our waters that this bunch of intrepid British scientists travelling to the Arctic are going to learn about the "ground truth" the hard way, rather like Lewis Pugh.
Now this:

Project director and ice team leader Pen Hadow and his colleagues Martin Hartley and Ann Daniels are now down to half rations and fighting to survive in brutal sub-zero weather conditions.
Oh dear, if only they had checked with us first. (via Bolta and Watts Up With That).

UPDATE: Pure gold here: "We’re all very, very cold and have lost feeling in our fingers and toes.”

Blog headings: "Difficult decisions" "The effects of the cold", "No go", "Utterly, utterly miserable", "Disappointment".

1 comment:

blogstrop said...

Did they have any encouragement from Al Gore for this trip? An email is all it would take.
(Ha! WV: Goofes! What more need one say?)