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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Questions They Won't Ask: Week VI

Each week the ShadowLands submits a Question They Won't Ask (or publish) to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's interactive Q and A television program. This week's Question They Won't Ask:

By having a sacked priest on Q&A, we can only guess that conservatism within the Catholic Church will be on the agenda tonight. A question for Tony Jones and the producers of Q&A: Would you ever consider opening up similar discussions about Islam, or is tonight's choice of panel just further evidence you are the milky-livered, weak-kneed, chicken-hearted, craven spittoons that your audience now strongly suspects?
UPDATE: The question has been published on their website - a highly disappointing result - and only the second question they have chosen to publish so far.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Poor old Father Kelly wasn't a good advertisement for the Catholic Church. But he wasn't as bad as the vacuous cliche ridden Ellis. What a light weight. What a charade. I've heard more original intelligent thought at a grade 12 debate. How on earth did she ever get into Federal Parliament. Ooh that's right, she's from Adelaide. Mehaul.