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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Nerd Wars Update IV

Australia's Nerd Wars have continued with another post reeking of desperation over at Crikey's stalker blog titled: "Fat or Ugly - instantly discredited."

Writes stalker Scott:

"Further to Jeremy’s post about Tim Blair’s weird focus on dating profiles, I thought it was a good time to mention Tim’s repeated use of opponents’ physical appearance as ammunition against them..."
Scott then digs into a few old posts by Tim Blair that mention various lefties of note who have been dealt dud tickets in the genetic lottery.

Of course, it takes virtually no effort at all to find examples of the same thing that the stalkers have been involved in. Try comment #16 here or just about anything here.

But more to the point, commenters at the holier-than-thou Crikey itself called Piers Akerman a "blob" and "fat fool" in this thread . Similarly, only a few weeks ago, Amanda Vanstone was referred to as a "lard arse."

But hang on a moment, the subject of Tim's post is all over the internet. Why would Jez and Scott be giving special attention to Tim Blair's posting of it, apart from the fact that they have weird-focus issues? And speaking of "weird focuses" exactly how much time do these stalkers spend reading and writing about Tim Blair?

How exactly is it that an adult can find themselves spending a good part of their day trying to harass a recent cancer survivor? Would Jeremy's clients appreciate it if he spent a little less time obsessing on Blair and Bolt and a little more time on them?

Stand by for more in the next extremely dreary episode of... Nerd Wars.

UPDATE: More from RWDB.


Anonymous said...

"Would Jeremy's clients appreciate it if he spent a little less time obsessing on Blair and Bolt and a little more time on them?"

Oh I don't think THE client cares!

tw, polouto Your guess is as good..?

Anonymous said...

It always amazes me to read that childish waffle. They say nothing. I know 16 year olds more mature than those idiots. Mehaul.

blogstrop said...

Nerds discussing putting their keys in some model's lock? Tell'em they're dreamin'.

Col. Milquetoast said...

Now, imagine their intense earnestness devoted to a cat photo blog and how much less silly it'd be.