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Monday, March 23, 2009

Global warming update

Greetings to all ShadowLands readers attending Greenhouse 2009 Conference at the Burswood Convention Centre in Perth, Western Australia.

Some trivia: did you know that Perth is often described as the second most isolated city on Earth, after Honolulu? Many American visitors to the Conference may have noticed this when they landed in Australia after a long flight, only to discover they - like nearly everyone else - need to put in another five or so hours on a plane to get to the buffet.

Visitors from Canberra - and it has been organised by Canberra's CSIRO - may notice this fact when they have to first fly to Sydney or Melbourne before joining a flight to Perth.

But now you're here, let's not be shy - be sure to check out our menus.

Journalists with their snouts in the trough should already be primed after attending the aptly named not-at-all-biased "Hot Air" session, especially the panel discussion "Who are the credible experts? And who are the sceptics?"

We trust you enjoy the full range of facilities at our adjoining hotel, including extensive views of the Swan River, 24 hour room service (if you know what we mean), and climate control.

In other global warming news, Small Dead Animals gets all choked up about the Maldives, and encourages readers to get involved.


Anonymous said...

Smoked Salmon flown in from Tasmania? Shocking!

Cold Selection

• Combination of Tasmanian Smoked Salmon and smoked cod with Horseradish Cream, Lemon and


Minicapt said...


Egg said...

High flown food miles foods feed me, eh? (Apologies to John Updike).

blogstrop said...

"... So we'll go dancing in the dark,
Reducing carbon footprints in the park,
And reminiscing ..."