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Monday, March 2, 2009

Hollywood to solve middle east problem

The creators of South Park once foresaw a world where actors played a major part in fighting against - and for - terrorism in Team America - World Police. Now life is imitating puppetry - it's just a million times lamer.

A visit to Iran by a delegation of Hollywood types, including actress Annette Bening, is in jeopardy after being criticised by a representative of the Iranian Government for taking part in movies that were insulting to Iran.

Bening has previously spoken out about Sarah Palin. Now I guess she will be speaking out on behalf of Iranian women or, to take a specific example, the upcoming stoning of Ashraf Kalhori. Or at least about the importance for artists to have freedom of expression - right?

1 comment:

Egg said...

Next thing, they'll be sending in Ab Fab for a Middle-East-Makeover ...