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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Question they won't ask: Week V

Each week the ShadowLands submits a Question They Won't Ask (or publish) to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's interactive Q and A television program. This week's Question They Won't Ask is for Maxine McKew:

Is it possible for a woman to achieve preselection for the Australian Labor Party without first having to sleep with a union leader who looks like a botched first-year assignment by embalming students from the Volgograd School for the Visually Impaired?

UPDATE: Successfully not published!

Also notable: when McKew was asked whether Rudd saying "shitstorm" was pre-meditated, she went out of her way not to answer and did not deny it. McKew has been Rudd's media adviser...


Boy on a bike said...

Dear grud, where do you get the inspiration for these questions? Absolutely freaking brilliant!

blogstrop said...

You have to watch those Vulgargrad students. They're definitely more into stuffing than embalming.

Anonymous said...

I think even Tony Jones was embarrassed by McKew last night. Particularly when he had to pull her back into line as she tried to sound funny in response to the question from Perth. The one about 'where have you been?' She waffled on about being in a dungeon without realising no one was laughing. Where does Labor get them from? That's right the ABC. Mehaul.