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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

We complain - ABC corrects!

The ShadowLands' enormous reputation for whining a great deal has been further boosted after having another complaint upheld by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. (Details here.)

This time it was a complaint to the ABC's Complaints Review Executive about the handling of a previous complaint by ABC Audience and Consumer Affairs (which was also upheld in favour of The ShadowLands). So even if we win we complain - and win again!

After much stuffing about, the summary of the finding is as follows:
"This report reiterates that the complaint is upheld. I recommend further corrective action should be taken by adding to the end of the online Editor’s Note:

'The Bureau has estimated that 4,100 housing units were completely destroyed and 17,000 buildings and housing units were partially damaged. This estimate was not accurately reflected in the opening line of this item.'"
At time of writing the second correction had yet to be made. Let's hope they get their skates on, or there will be complaints.

This is the third occasion where The ShadowLands has had a complaint upheld at the ABC.


blogstrop said...

MM, this is either a tribute your eminent and fearsome status, or an example of hypnotism by email.
"Watch the watch or Mediawatch gets it".
A third possibility is that (I know I'm in the realms of fantasy here) the nice Mr Scott has made a difference.

Anonymous said...

I salute your Don Chippness! Let's hope it has an affect on them.