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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Teen scoops Head Scarf title

18-year-old Iraqi born Huda Falah has won the 2008 Miss Head Scarf competition, run by a Danish public television station.

Organisers are thrilled with the response to the event, and are planning follow up events.

"The success of this competition means that Miss Hijab is definitely on our agenda, and if that succeeds, look out for Miss FGM," the spokesman said.


Paco said...

Whoa! Time for a cold shower!

kae said...

Hi! I think the second link should be to Burqua (or however you spell it).
Anyway, my thought is that this is a great idea. Showing how inclusive the Danes are to, er, to, arrgh, minorities... so that they don't feel left out in society and, ah, do stuff like, um, carbeques and stabbings and stuff.
Oops. Better hushup now, maybe I'll end up like Mr Steyn - and that court case is certainly pandering to the death cult.

Margo's Maid said...


Thanks for the correction. Indeed, hijab appears to be a broad term for covering, whereas burqa/burqua is the more specific term referring to garments that turn women into walking tents.

Col. Milquetoast said...

Funny how words can wrap in a paragraph and the first line can have a completely different meaning until you get to the second line. The first line here read "18-year-old Iraqi born Huda Falah has won the 2008 Miss Head"

Anonymous said...

Or is that the 2008 Miss Inghead competition, where contestants are judged on dancing, showing ankles, and driving?