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Sunday, June 15, 2008

June 16 Bloomsday when, according to tradition, anyone who claims to have read a James Joyce book from cover to cover can be punched in the nose and their glasses broken without legal recourse. the anniversary of the 1869 death of explorer Charles Sturt. Encountering a land beset by drought and rivers that were little more than a series of muddy waterholes on many of his journeys, Sturt is remembered as one of the first people to discover proof of anthropogenic global warming in Australia's outback. the anniversary of the first hijacking of an aeroplane. In 1948, a seaplane travelling from Macau to Hong Kong was hijacked, however the hijackers made the error of killing both the co-pilot and pilot, causing the plane to crash, killing 26 out of 27 passengers.

UPDATE: Happy Bloomsday.


RebeccaH said...

Hey, I like the idea of Bloomsday! I tried reading James Joyce one time, said WTF, and threw the book back into the library return bin.

Anne B. said...

Well, I read ``The Dubliners'' cover to cover. But those were Joyce's early short stories, beautifully told, and written in clear sentences that any reader could understand.

``Finnegans Wake'' was another matter; I couldn't even get out of the first sentence.