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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Russia and the Philippines

Today is the national day for Russia and also the Philippines. The Philippines is internationally recognised as a world leader in recycling. 11 million people have been lured away from this great nation in favour of performing menial work overseas, often in the middle east.

Russia is proud of its youthful population which has come about thanks to a belief that everyone deserves inadequate health care facilities in equal measure. The discrepency between the life expectancies for Russian males (61) and females (73) is largely attributed to nagging.

Interestingly, the life expectancy for a Russian male is somewhat less than for his Filipino counterpart, and both nations are renowned for offering wives on the open market.

Please rise for the Filipino and Russian national anthems.

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Col. Milquetoast said...

other fun facts :
remittances from Filipinos living overseas account for over 10% of the Philippines' GDP.

The Philippines is home of the terrorist group known as MILF (I suspect some of their recruits become disappointed that their experiences are less exciting than what their online research into MILF led them to believe)

The discrepency between the life expectancies for Russian males (61) and females (73)... is, according to some, the result of the Russian female's abrupt transformation with age from a giddy, flirty, sultry femme fatale to a grumpy, bossy babushka and the easy accessibilty of vodka.