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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fonda agrees to China Syndrome sequel

Actress Jane Fonda has agreed to star in a sequel to the film, the China Syndrome - this time focusing on the terrifying consequences of unfettered wind turbines.

To be known as “China Syndrome 2 – Wind of Terror”, the film will focus on the fact that deaths from wind turbines are now rapidly approaching the number of fatalities that have been attributed to the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.

Fonda says that while the events portrayed in the original China Syndrome movie have proved to be fictional, the sequel will feature a range of falls, decapitations and crushings inspired by real life incidents in the wind turbine industry.

“In wind farming, China Syndrome refers to the fact that if a hole next to a turbine was deep enough, you could theoretically fall all the way to China.

“Thankfully, there have been few if any electrocutions, since these things scarcely produce any electricity,” Ms Fonda concluded.

UPDATE: More inspiration for the movie, including a classic parachute scene


Paco said...

Sounds like a candidate for "Straight to DVD".

Pogria said...

Oh Hell no Paco!!!

That has Midday Movie of the Week written all over it!!!