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Friday, June 13, 2008

Urgent call for donations

With profit down 28 per cent, this organisation that provides transport to people form all walks of life including the sick and the needy is now in need of your help.

A spokesman for the organisation said that the $70 million provided by the Australian taxpayers will go some of the way to help. But there is so much more that you can do.

"The lives of children and families affected by the disaster are improving, but there is still a lot more work that needs to be done," said the spokesman. "The extent of the damage means relief and recovery could possibly continue into next year. There has never been a better time to donate - please, don't turn away from us now. "

1 comment:

Paco said...

Haw, haw, haw!! The best take on the Toyota give-away, yet! Well done!