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Thursday, June 5, 2008

From the land of the long white cloud

An awesome image sent to me by 1.618 that she has titled "cloud UFO".
A thousand thanks, 1.6.


Col. Milquetoast said...


Srekwah said...

Looks like Gaia's kicking back after some awesome sex - that would account for those recent spate of earthquakes recently. Grinding plates ooh yeah!

Anonymous said...

Great picture. Some people call these cloud ships (try that on Google Images). Of course, these people are a little strange - the caption to one of their pictures reads:

The above pictures show cloudships or starships disguised as clouds in the daytime sky.



RebeccaH said...

Clouds. Sure. That's what they want you to think.

Steve said...

The ufo-ish cloud just above the mountain is called a lenticular cloud. You can see a couple more a bit left and lower in the distance.

Pilots see them as a warning of severe winds and turbulance; enough sometimes to tear aircraft apart on the downwind side.

On the upwind side, you can get a wave like the one that took Bob Harris up over 49,000' in a sailplane above the Sierra Nevada near Inyokern, CA.

Pretty, though. From a distance.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely, there are venticular' excuse the spelling and they're dangerous indeedy.

I will send you some if you like to see Mt Cook at a dangerous wind.

Seriously thanks margos, I can't upload my images on the new blog thingy. If you like, would you like to help fill the pages at shadowlands?

Excuse the spelling. By the way, I'm not feeling that good lately,
in a way not that I want attention, it's just that sometimes I wish I was not living.

It's a thing, but I guess it will pass.

I can send you my bikinni pics.

Margo's Maid said...

Bikini pics? Cripes, 1.6, what would a lady like me do with bikini pics?

Stay well 1.6!