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Monday, June 2, 2008

St Kevin's Feast Day

Today is St Kevin of Glendalough’s feast day. Wiki tells us “his legend is particularly untrustworthy, as very little contemporaneous material exists...He lived in solitude at Disert-Coemgen for seven years, sleeping on a dolmen (now known as "Saint Kevin's Bed") perched on a perilous precipice, that an angel had led him to, and later established a church for his own community at Glendalough....

"His legend says that he lived to the age of 120...He was known for his disdain of human company, especially that of women; his name was used in Ireland as a term for men with cold relations with women up until the 19th century. An extreme example of his chastity was the instance when he pushed an amorous woman into a patch of nettles.” Spooky.

1 comment:

RebeccaH said...

But did he eat his own earwax?