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Monday, June 2, 2008

Improvements made

Hard to believe, I know, but Bananaguard is now better than ever.

UPDATE: Check out the final question under FAQs.


kae said...

Hey, Margo's, they modelled that on the tupperware condom, didn't they?

The NEW Tupperware Condom.

Gone are the days of boxes, get a banana instead... so natural looking... the girls will swoon...

Uncomfortable as hell....
but it keeps everything nice and fresh.

When the blokes turned it down they decided to try and market it for bananas. I'm awake up to them!

stackja1945 said...

kae, not enough large sizes for the blokes? hehe!!

Skeeter said...

Well, they will need to come in at least two sizes; Cavendish and Lady Finger.