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Monday, June 16, 2008

Henry Lawson

June 17 is the 141st birthday of poet, Henry Lawson.

Lawson proved an antidote to the more romantic Australian bush poets, and spun some good yarns such as The Loaded Dog. Before it went polymer, Lawson was pictured on the $10 note in the town of Gulgong - a town now famed as "the town that used to be on the $10 note".

Lawson wrote for The Bulletin magazine when it had the catchy slogan "Australia for the white man" and before it was brought to its knees by Tim Blair.

Lawson quote and clue to his lifestyle: "Beer makes you feel the way you ought to feel without beer."

1 comment:

Henry Lawson said...

You make a great point about Lawson being "an antidote to the more romantic Australian bush poets"

Banjo Patterson in particular romanticised the Australian bush from the perspective of elite horsemen but Lawson wrote from the perspective of the working class who had to walk everywhere.