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Monday, June 23, 2008

June 24

is the anniversary of uncontrolled dancing in Aachen, Germany in 1374.

is the anniversary of the 1664 founding of New Jersey, inspiration of the scientifically proven world's funniest joke. Is there anything science can't do?

is Quebec National Day or if you prefer, Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day. On this day in 1968, on the eve of a general election, the new Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau was in the centre of a riot where 290 people were arrested. Trudeau was filmed refusing to take cover or leave the grandstand when the rioters pelted it with rocks, as well as bottles containing paint and acid. The incident contributed to his winning a significant majority the next day. Election strategists take note.

UPDATE: June 24 is Dash's 18th birthday. Being extremely well-bred, Dash is widely considered by experts to be one of the world's leading 18-year olds. Happy birthday.

1 comment:

Pogria said...

June 24 is also my darling son's birthday.

Today, he is officially a man.

Happy Eighteenth Dash!!!!xxxxx

ps, great blog Margo's.