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Sunday, September 7, 2008


September 8 is the national day of Andorra, a neat little tax haven sandwiched between Spain and France.

If this short documentary is anything to go by, no-one should need to visit - it is an exceptionally dull place.

Please take a moment to stand for the Andorran national anthem.


Col. Milquetoast said...

I nearly went to Andorra. I thought visiting such a tiny and unique country would be interesting. I never got around to it because the Spanish locals stressed that Catalan was prevalent there so I might have trouble conversing and that no one goes to Andorra except to buy cheap cigarettes. The rumor was that cigarettes from Andorra were produced from Andorran tobacco and then packaged as whatever brand they thought would sell.

lynmog said...

This was just a boring video. Andorra is a beautiful country and well worth a visit. Yes, the main road in the valley is crammed with "duty-free" shops, but the mountains, valleys and lakes are fantastic. Try visiting the lakes at Tristaina in June when parts of the mountains are still covered in snow but the grass is full of wild flowers and the air is full of the scent of wild broom. Or walk in the woods around Lake Engolasters. Visit the Sanctuari or the historic house of government in Andora la Vella. The peole speak French, Spanish or Catalan but many speak some English and all are friendly and welcoming.
A dull place? I don't think so!!