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Friday, September 19, 2008

Say it again, Kev

As all speech writers know, repetition is a device used to help build emotion. Kevin Rudd is now taking the belief to absurd levels in nearly every speech - like this one:

Violence against women is the great silent crime of our time.It is the silence that makes it the most insidious.

Because it prefers the darkness. Because if it stays in the darkness, it cannot be discussed, debated – let alone dealt with. To begin with, we need to change the attitudes of Australian men.
From birth, it must be drilled into the conscious and the subconscious of all men that there are no circumstances – no circumstances – in which violence against women is acceptable.

There are no circumstances in which the threat of violence against women is acceptable. There are no circumstances in which the thought of violence against women is acceptable. That on violence against women, we have simple, clear policy in two words: zero tolerance.

That needs to be heard from every husband, every father, every partner.
From every celebrity. From every business leader.
From every football player.
From every brick layer.
From every bus driver.
From every factory worker.
From every office worker.
From every lecturer.
From every teacher.
From every student.
And from every politician of every political persuasion.
And it needs to be heard in every place.
In our parliaments.
In our work places.
At our barbeques.


INfidel Tiger said...

I'm not sure of the circumstances, but I'm surprised he mentioned celebrities. Did Cate Blanchett beat someone up?

Anonymous said...

He can think of no circumstances? Really? Because I can think of several right off the top of my head. And yes, I know what he means but is it asking too much to at least plant a clear thought in all that rhetorical fog? RRRyan