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Monday, September 8, 2008

Celebrity exposed

If not everyone's favourite actor, Adam Sandler (who turns 42 on September 9) has been in a lot of successful movies. But wait - he has a way dark side.


bruce said...

Many of Sandler's movies implicitly support family values. In Click (2006) he lays that message down in concrete like a modern Capra, 'Always support your family!'.

I think I saw him on Letterman spelling that family message out too.

He's Right Wing, man!

(When did we start calling people who support old fashioned family values 'right wing'? They used to be just 'normal').

kae said...

Sorry, brace yourself, I have bad news.
There's not many normal people left out there speaking out, its not PC.

RebeccaH said...

Adam Sandler just went way up in my estimation.

These TYT meatheads, whoever they are, couldn't have dropped any lower, because I don't respect them anyway.