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Wednesday, September 17, 2008


August: "Doomed, Yankistan is doomed."

September: "Russia's main stock market suspended trading today after plummeting more than 11 per cent, having lost more than half its value since May."

...and the reaction.

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bruce said...

When I lived in India with a shortwave radio 20 years plus ago, every second signal on the band was Radio Moscow, or as they said it, 'Ma's Cow'. I whiled away the barmy monsoon days listening to reports from 'Beautiful Moscow', including one enthusiastic Melbourne lady on a 'study tour', 'The people are so friendly and the streets are so clean'.

'And now a speech read to the Supreme Soviet by the Minister for agriculture, outlining the next Five Year Plan to boost production...' which droned on for several hours.

The collapse of Yankistan was often imminent then too, according to their 'reports'.