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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Families demand respite from MPs

REUTERS: Families of Members of Parliament in Western Australia and NSW who have been voted out of positions of power in recent days are calling for respite.

A spokesman for the families said they do not want to be spending more time with their political family members.

"No-one asked us if we wanted to spend more time with these retards - and the answer is no," the spokesman said.

"These people have proved their incompetence, and now it seems we are expected to take the brunt of it. There really ought to be some kind of 'pretend Parliament' that we can keep them in for a period of time before releasing them back to the community."


Ash said...

That's just so perfect in every way.

When Rudd gets the arse, what's Tessie going to do to get him out of her house?

bikeonaboy said...

A good mate of mine was standing in that election, but failed to get up.

Pity. I was looking forward to being wined and dined in the parliamentary dining rooms. At your expense.

Why could those bastard voters not contribute to my culinary delights?