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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sydney, Nova Scotia

An Argeninian tourist has supposedly found herself in the wrong Sydney which sounds like a disaster - but look - glorious Sydney Harbour, the ferry station, the haute cuisine. What more could you possibly want?

While you're there, why not visit Paris, Texas, Athens, Georgia (actually, not a bad looking place!), London, Ontario, or Texas Queensland.


Anonymous said...

Must be a veeeery slow news day at the ageless MM!

Read this story about three times in the past, with a slightly different slant.

One of the curses of growing old I suppose, we just about seen it all!


bruce said...

Argeninia sounds like an interesting place too.

Tell me about it, Orion - the only things stopping me from endlessly moaning 'here we go again!' are growing hearing and memory loss.

What was that again? Where am I?

Anonymous said...

bruce, I feel your pain.

Have to admit though, I'm "blessed"? with an excellent memory and hearing.

Would swap it all for the chance of the "other" any day!!

have good one!


Margo's Maid said...

Aah the stories I could tell about the long lazy days in Argeninia

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