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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Ding, ding, ding. Live blogging Insiders

Here we go folks, the Smackdown is on. Mmmh this chair is not very comfortable and the tele reception isn't very good.

Tim thinks NSW election results could swing by as much as 15%. Over on the couch of solidarity, token chick Fran and Dave laugh. They're warming up slowly here. The Timster looks a bit restrained, no doubt after a night of vandalising cars following the Collingwood game. Dull interview with some dude. Blair and Dave eye each other off.

The dude talks about uranium to India - my estimation rises.

The people give their opinion. Tim and Dave contemplate metaphorical grapple holds - Dave perhaps, the not-so metaphorical.

"At the moment being opposition leader is like being a Collingwood supporter - it's something you don't want to be." Confirmation - Blair is effected. Blair interrupts Marr before he gets into stride then Cassidy cuts Marr off - good tactics.

Paul Kelly was better in the early days. Fran says "It's an awful phrase, 'cutting through'" before using it repeatedly.

"Is this man (Costello) really a leader?" asks Marr. "Howard looked into his soul and saw he would not make a Liberal Party Leader." Interesting how the left don't make judgements, they look into others' souls.

Blair: "I agree with David." We pay our taxes for this? C'mon Timster.

Marr: "Tim, you're right there." C'mon guys, why not everyone just move on over to the couch.

"There's no way the Nationals (in WA) will get into bed with Labor," says Fran - there's a quote that could come back to bite her.

Talking pictures is a good idea for a segment, and Michael Bowers is amiable enough - it's just not very interesting.

Come on Tim not long to go, fire up!

Wish granted - Sarah Palin gets them going, Marr melodramatic as usual. Blair cuts him short, "Sounds like a documentary going on in your head." Marr's point that you can see Palin has no idea if you look at clips on youtube is neatly segued into Blair's point that the same can be said about Obama and a clip showing Obama stumbling.

A cutting remark from Blair at the end as Fran plugs her book "Your taxes at work!" Ouch.

Blair says Geelong and Hawthorn will not make the grand final - Fran says Nationals in WA will not join up with Labor. Who will be proven right?

Summary: They were slow to get going - too much common ground talking about state Labor governments - nobody likes them, so nothing to argue about. Blair's interrupting tactics unsettled Marr who found it hard to get his head wobbles happening. Blair, certainly a bit sheepish following the football. Not really the definitive smackdown we were hoping for, but promising signs when they started talking about US politics.

Hey - commenters! Thanks for coming over, folks.


kae said...

Hurrah, slacko. Good on ya.

kae said...

Collingwood lost?
Hmm. Can you see the whites of Tim's eyes?

kae said...

Questions and conversation about Brendan vs Turnbull, what's Costello really up to?

Hmm. Costello was made poison by the media "A vote for Howard is a vote for Costello."

(I am annoyed by those who say that Costello didn't have the ticker to challenge. Costello may be a lot of things, but he's not stupid. Costello didn't have the numbers to support a challenge. Had his challenge failed, as it would without the numbers, it would have been very difficult for him to continue.)

Regarding the ALP/NAT or LIB/NAT possible outcome in WA. Foolish that the NATs even consider joining with the ALP.

Now talking about Uranium mining.

Now talking about Kevvie actually being in Australia... Kevvie in Aus is really an endangered species.

kae said...

HA! Kevvie needs to get his shit in Aus together before he travels the world spreading the word.

Whatever the hell that is.

kae said...


kae said...



kae said...

Wake up, Margo's!!

kae said...

Isn't it the case that if there is a change of leader of a party suddenly in opposition that that new leader doesn't last?

He's just there to absorb the flack and knee-jerks and wander in the wilderness until the party gets it's shit together from the shock of loss...

They'll throw Brendan under the bus as soon as the time is ripe.

Poor Brendan.

kae said...

I just hope they don't wait until just before the election to chuck Brennie under the bus...

Sound bite of Brendan getting mean n' serious.

kae said...

I want to see what Tim is doing when Marr is talking...
We're missing stuff!

kae said...


I thought Marr was making sense... about Costello being a leader....

Tim agrees with what he said...

(um, I thought it made good sense, too.)

However, will Costello come back? Before or after 2010?

We'll just have to wait and see.

A soundbite...
I really enjoy Costello's wit. I miss that.

kae said...


Kevvie sound bite about the AA's Pacifc arms race, er, arms build up.

What is Aaaaaaaaaaas' Pacifc?

kae said...

Now they're talking about the ALP meltdown in NSW.


Tim said, "We haven't reached the bottom of the ALP barrel yet...".

Surely, we must be getting close?

bruce said...

Why isn't Tim acting like Franz Liebkind?

(Sorry I have the sound off, I don't want to get my blood pressure up).

bruce said...

Or Dr Strangelove?

Actually I don't pay the 'Tim tax' so it's all a freebie for me.

bruce said...


Stockholm Syndrome?

Naah, Tim's just going to overthrow the system from within - takes a few decades though.

kae said...

Tim: Media down on Sarah Palin.

Marr: Disagrees.

kae said...

More about the US election.


Yawn, it's over.

kae said...

All us commenters.
Me, talks too much.
And reliable Bruce.
tee hee.

Infidel Tiger said...

As the Shadowlands is a reputed "blog of record", I would like to point out that Blair said "sounds like you've got a Pilger documentary going on inside your head". The "Pilger" part is crucial. Aside from that comment, it was a bore fest.

Margo's Maid said...

Marr will have taken that comment as a compliment - no wonder they were getting on so well. Thanks for the correction IT - the ShadowLands organisation really needs to look at investing in an antenna connection for the TV up the back.

Anonymous said...

Hi MM, sorry I have been absent. Still love your work. Do I need to register or is this just going into the ether like a small brass plaque on a lump of very expensive NASA alloy flung into the progressive slingshots of outrageous interplanetory fortune?
Regards, Blogstrop

Margo's Maid said...

Hi Blogstrop, good to have you over - looks like whatever you have done has got past our identity collectors and fun police - I will give them a stern talking to.