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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Preview of Smackdown 2008: Blair vs Marr

Tim Blair vs David Marr appearing on Insiders (ABC TV) 14 September 2008. Standby for live blogging at the ShadowLands tomorrow. The contenders:

Tim Blair

Age: 43
From: Werribee
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 82 kg
Australian Public Intellectual ranking: not even ranked
Award winning biographies of Patrick White: nil
Strengths: He's a bit of a smart-arse. Made that oompaloompah politician guy look like a tool on Q&A.
Weaknesses: Not asked to give his opinion on the ABC all that often if they can help it, so might lack experience. Knowledge of wheat varieties is poor. A bit sensitive about his driving record.
Opportunities: Is backed up by a well-drilled legion of attack dog/flying monkeys.
Threats: Has high expectations from attack monkeys that he will crush his opponent like a bug. Can he handle the pressure? Could be distracted - if not locked up - for vandalism or other bogan like behaviour following Collingwood game.
Chief weapon: mockery

David Marr

Age: 41
From: Somewhere snooty, I'm pretty sure
Height: 182 cm
Weight: 75 kg
Australian Public Intellectual ranking: top 40
Award winning biography of Patrick White: Yes
Strengths: Has endless experience speaking on ABC and to literary festivals about how his right to free speech has been curtailed.
Weaknesses: Is full of shit.
Opportunities: After years of being tormented by Blair, has a chance to exact revenge. Unlikely to be distracted by football games unless cameras linger too long in dressing rooms.
Threats: For possibly the first time in his life, there is someone in the room who likes to fact-check.
Chief weapon: will not allow anyone else to speak, and will wave head around and suck all oxygen out of the room


Zardoz said...

Aah, nothing like a bit of snark to go with my mid-day rum and coke.

kae said...

It's on, Margos.

WTF are ya?

bruce said...

Yeah MM, 'live-blogging'? Forgot to set your alarm? Too many croissants at brekky?

daddy dave said...

I thought they were pretty civil to each other. Even verging on friendly.