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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Louis Pasteur

The great microbiologist Louis Pasteur died on September 28, 1895.

People meeting Pasteur always faced an awkward moment, as he refused to shake hands - which sounds cute and eccentric - except that three of his children died of typhoid.

Contemporaries remembered his bravery in collecting samples of saliva from rabid dogs for his ultimately successful work creating a vaccine against the disease.

Pasteur quotes: "I am often scolded by Mme. Pasteur, but I console her by telling her that I shall lead her to fame."

"My strength lies solely in my tenacity."


kae said...

I was married on Sept 28 1991.

The relationship died about five years later.

The corpse left in 1999.

Shoulda gone to the Grand Final that day!

Anonymous said...

New book on Pasteur's attempt to eradicate rabbits in Australia - see