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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Climate "vandals" for Perth conference

REUTERS: Environmental groups are outraged that a group of climate sceptics have chosen one of the world's most isolated cities to hold a major conference about climate change. An environmentalist spokesperson said it was outrageous that Perth, Western Australia has been chosen to host international guests.

"Perth is arguably the world's second most isolated city after Honolulu. I say arguably, because Perth is 2100 kilometres from Adelaide - and being near Adelaide shouldn't really count.

"Even the hundreds of attendees from Australia will be forced to fly four and a half hours to the conference, let alone other speakers, who I understand are attending from Italy and the United States. We believe that by holding the conference in Perth, which will spew untold tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere, that this group is being deliberately provocative. We call upon the relevant authorities to put an end to this outrageous extravagance."

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