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Monday, September 15, 2008

I am not supersticious but...

You will know of the gnarly large experimental atom smasher (the Large Hadron Collider) that has been built in Switzerland, well... check out the Stop the LHC petition and click on "View the whole petition" to see some of the enlightening entries:

Nostradamus Century 9, Number 44 "All should leave Geneva. Saturn turns from gold to iron, The contrary positive ray (RAYPOZ) will exterminate everything, there will be signs in the sky before this." I'm not supersticious but this is quite obviuos. Also the Aztec calender ends abruptely on 21. december 2012. If a black hole builds it will swollow up the earth in ~ 50 months (21 oktober + 50 m) and

Im 14 years old and have my life ahead of me, plus i have 2 little brother age 8 and my littleist is 2 in december. And I do not want us all to die. Can we please stop this experiment??? Why risk everything just to find out what happend to earth years ago? Cuz if we die then you havent learnt nothing. I also love my mom to bits and am really scared Please, please dont do this experiment. Think of others not yourselves.


kae said...

Psst, there's a tit in that.
Superstitious... as opposed to stupidsticious, which is different, I'm sure.

daddy dave said...

actually... why the hell are these guys building this thing? to see what happens if they 'recreate the big bang?'
On the one hand, when they're talking up the importance of it, they're going to "recreate the big
bang" and "create miniature black holes", then when they are allaying fears of disaster, they're only "simulate events that happen in the atmosphere every day".
uh... doublespeak alert. which is it?

FWIW, if there is even the tiniest, remotest chance that they are wrong and it is in fact dangerous, surely that's enough reason to not go ahead with it?

Anonymous said...

MM, waves 1.618

Margo's Maid said...

Hey 1.6 - waving back.

Thanks kae, but it was meant to be mis-spelt (same as in the post) because I am so ironic or something.