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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

37 inches of Kevin

Is this the first television named after a Prime Minister?


Minicapt said...

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blogstrop said...

How many inches fits gibbon,
How many d’ya get for a tanner?
I may be a dullard, watching hd of gillard
Is like hitting yourself with a spanner.

It’s late and I do tend to ramble,
But give me full frame of j. campbell.
While I struggle to rhyme I’ll watch each question time;
If she beckoned, I’d skip the preamble.

The government wishes us joy
Of the broadband brought forth by conroy.
Bread and cir-cusses are what we discusses;
So far an implausible ploy.

It’s the railroad of C-21,
And the epic has only begun.
With gridlock aplenty but jobs quite descenty
This train’s jumped the tracks, oh what fun!

Egg said...

Kev's is 3 inches short of the standard size? Who'd've thunk it?