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Friday, April 24, 2009

Man well and truly smapped

Tsuyoshi Kusanagi of the pop group SMAP is in disgrace after being found drunk and naked in a public park in Tokyo recently. Let's hope he gets his act together. Meanwhile, now is as good a time as any to enjoy a SMAP retrospective. (Tsuyoshi is the serious one.)


Anonymous said...

Honestly, I was 4 min in before I realized it was a different song. Couldn't say how many songs there were. However, I couldn't stop watching. I began to feel my cold, cold heart succumb to global warming. Then, they broke my heart when the rising ocean level washed them out to sea in the end. I hardly knew ye. Next.

blogstrop said...

Drunk and naked? It's a wonder he wasn't smap frozen.WV: pylhouti
I was wandering in Djibouti,
When I met with a pylhouti,
She was walking right towards me
In a most suggestive way.
After offering some looti,
I was offered copious booty;
And the remainder of the story's
Vivid memory to this day.