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Monday, April 13, 2009

Complainin' season re-opens

Oh joy - the Australian Broadcasting Corporation are up to their old tricks - looks like we got us some complainin' to do. It should not be difficult to find some breaches from the code of conduct out of this crock.

Don't be afraid to join in - the ABC invites and welcomes your feedback.

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UPDATE: Complaint link fixed.


Boy on a bike said...

"I remember also when my parents got wounded and they were bleeding for five days."

Are his parents elephants? How much blood do you need to bleed for 5 days after being shot?

Dan Lewis said...

Ugh. The Palestinian children "Want to die". As usual, Our ABC blames Israel. Perhaps they should look at some Palestinian Children's Television which tells young Palestinian five year olds how much fun they will have after death, and that it is Good to die for Allah. It is sick, sick, sick!

No wonder these kids aren't afraid of death. Meanwhile, Israeli children are watching Sesame Street.

Anonymous said...

I remember also when my parents got wounded and they were bleeding for five days

Bah! My Wife bleeds for five days every month, and she doesn't die either.

blogstrop said...

The Pallies are the dupes of the puppet masters, and have been misdirected for decades. Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, and even Lebanon when it is not derailed by hezbollan crazies, have all achieved a sensible stance vis a vis Israel. Syria is a secondary puppeteer, in a class of its own. But they are careful not to really upset Israel too much.
Has anyone noticed that the Arabs who stayed put in Israel are now either in or represented in the Knesset? Not that they are always constructive members.
The ABC simply apes the BBC in this sort of case. It is a BBC mini-me, and, on such matters, unworthy of its (for the most part) respected position and role in Australian life.
The second intifada all but buried the two-state solution. The Hamas era has proved that it's a non-starter. Egypt may as well take back the Gaza Strip, and anyone not happy there should go to the West Bank or Jordan, but not in the context of a Palestinian state. There is no evidence that it is warranted or viable.