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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Talking 'bout our electricity generation

Construction has commenced on a next generation nuclear power station at Sanmen in China, expected to be the first of many around the world.

The cost of the reactor is estimated at US$6 billion. For this, the reactor should begin to produce more energy than all the current wind farm capacity in Australia combined, with the added benefit that it can be used in baseload power.

It's a lot of money, but if Australia spent $43 billion on this instead of Kevnet, (accounting for exchange rates) Australia could have five of them, and reduce our greenhouse emissions (by my very rough calculation) - 30 million tonnes per year - or about 5 per cent of Australia's carbon emissions.

Fortunately, anthropogenic global warming is bollocks, so this is not a significant factor.

Increased use of nuclear power in China is likely to save the lives of thousands of coal miners. Similarly, nuclear power in Australia has the potential to save us from the killing fields of the wind farms and solar energy's slippery rooftops.


Anonymous said...

Shame on you MM. Your thinking is far too narrow on this issue. I'd like to see each householder able to have a private reactor under the house with the option to sell surplus power back the grid.

What I do with the plutonium is my business.


Egg said...

Kevnet - pffft! He has no more imagination than that of the minor bureaucrat post he left years ago ...

Egg said...

KevNet = KevDebt; the Net debt we had to have ...

blogstrop said...

More blackouts afore I get old!China shows off the realpolitik which PC contrivances have expunged from our increasingly lamentable, media-deluded democracies.
We need a new term: Mediaocracies.
WV: "spertina" - a climactic operatic love song?