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Friday, April 17, 2009

When dead asylum seekers don't matter

by John Butler of the John Butler Trio

"...those who do not learn from history, are destined to repeat it..."
Thus spoke a true oracle - actually me in October, on the subject of asylum seekers.

Now we have an entirely predictable event occurring, with possibly five or more deaths and everyone is making excuses.

I was furthermore astonished to discover that four suspected asylum seekers washed up on the beaches of West Timor in January. This event was so low key that I never heard about it the first time around.

It's amazing to see the Get Out of Jail Free cards that the media are handing out to the Rudd Government compared to their hysterical handling of the SIEVX incident (apparently the sinking of an unidentified boat, at most 70 kilometres off Java, and at least 1500 km from Australia was John Howard's fault) and the tedious harping about the kids overboard affair.

Kevin Rudd was warned by everyone that the latest event would happen. Now that it has happened, it is not bad form (as Bob Brown suggested), to point out Rudd's culpability - it is far worse form to pretend that his policies had nothing to do with it. And it is absolutely vile form to have supported these failed policies in the first place.

It turns out now that no matter how many boat people die, lefties don't want Rudd's policies to change. Why not? Because the lives of asylum seekers are less important to them when Labor is in power.


blogstrop said...

The media harpies are on the case, busy making all the excuses they left out last time around when Howard bashing was the rage, leaving out the "Dr." in front of Sharman Stone's name, where they'd be assiduously inserting it when quoting a human rights talent. Rudd is doing his window dresser routine. Tough! I'll show you tough, Adrian.
One interesting argument goes "but most of the asylum seekers arrive by plane". Perhaps they have visas, known identities? Why pay vastly more to travel by Snakehead Oceanic Tours?
And why do so many islamic people end up here by this route ("oh, is not Canada?") after going through three or more islamic countries in order to get to this cats-meat littered sodom & gomorrah?
WV: sheight - you can say that again.

stackja1945 said...

The SIEVX the Krudd from Labor.