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Friday, April 17, 2009

Seems a bit harsh

The ShadowLands has not always been fully supportive of the policies of the Australian PM, Kevin Rudd, but even we were surprised at the harshness of this headline currently on the home page of the Sydney Morning Herald.


Anonymous said...

Good header and well spotted Margos maid.

The thing is..... how do you spin something like this to the public?

Will he say it was a friendly BBQ on board that went horribly wrong?

The spin will be spun

stackja1945 said...

Burnt offerings to Krudd. He does throw tantrums does he not about food?

Anonymous said...

No... Heading fairly accurate... Scum of the's all makes sense now


Carpe Jugulum

Egg said...

It takes 19 hours for the Rudder to (re)surface and this is all he can come up with?
Perhaps, he should be re-christened as 'bilge pump'?

Boy on a bike said...

Habib has left a great comment on the source of ignition at Timbo. What I want to know is this - if they used petrol to blow the boat up (on a boat with a diesel engine), why was their petrol on board in the first place?

It's got premeditation written all over it.

Egg said...

"Scum of the Earth" - cabin attendants/people smugglers, eh Kev; all 'in the same boat'?

Margo's Maid said...

Habib nails it of course:

The failure of the left to believe that the Bangladeshi used car salesmen destroy their own boat on purpose is ridiculous - it's exactly what they did in kid's overboard and on several other occasions.

Habib bloody well ought to have a blog, BTW.