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Friday, April 24, 2009

Rudd rumbled

Congratulations to the ABC's (yes, seriously) Geoff Thompson for creating the first piece of real journalism about asylum seekers.


Boy on a bike said...

Yeah, I just read that story and thought "wow". Some of the comments are telling too - the guy said he left Iraq 9 years ago, which as someone pointed out, was before 9/11. We are told we should accept Iraqi refugees because we invaded their country - but what about those that split before the war?

Anonymous said...

"global insecurity" is not what makes them leave but what they seek to create when they land.

blogstrop said...

If you leave Iraq, Iran, or Afghanistan (next week Pakistan), because of dangers in your homeland, are you not safe, secure and in a brotherly muslim country by the time you get to Malaysia?
Is Indonesia, then, anything more than a jumping off point for the social security nirvana of Australia?
Economic refugees will look and act as desperate as any others.
Reforming their own countries is what is really required.
But you'll find as few commentariatistas talking about that as you'll find discussing the Sun's influence on the warming and cooling of our Earth.