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Monday, April 20, 2009

Arctic looxuries

When you're on an Arctic expedition that is meant to raise awareness about warming, but only raises awareness about how bloody cold it is; when you're aiming to make it to the North Pole but it looks like you will be lucky to make it half way because there is so much ice to cover; when you know that blogging dweebs around the world are probably making fun of you; when you're aiming to make measurements using state of the art equipment to prove warming and the equipment fails because it's too cold; when you are dragging a sled and falling over painfully, and it is the 41st anniversary of the successful expedition of a group who ski-dooed to the North Pole - what is it that constitutes a luxury?

Answer here.


Anonymous said...

a nice glacier pic for you today too.

Minicapt said...

For a bunch who have all made previous trips to the Pole, they're not bearing up very well.