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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Fight! Fight! Fight!

At the risk of cutting Tim Blair's grass, holy moley, cop an eyeful at the participants in this scheduled debate at the Sydney Writers' Festival.

UPDATE: Commentary at Blair's.


kae said...

The first girly skirt probably fights dirty... bites and pinches.

The second bloke, ahem, might just run away in tears if Tim says anything. What's it costing her to be involved in the, er, festival? Surely webdiarrhoea 'PeoplePower' can't afford to send her there?

Dunno the others.

I'll read Tim's summary of the "event" to see.

WV: celti

Minicapt said...

Perhaps Beck will be adjudicating? Or scoring?


Pogria said...

They didn't show pictures of the two blokes on the program.

Only face shots of the women.

blogstrop said...

Did they all write their own blurbs?
WV: Prozy - a blue pill that writer use to get wordy.

blogstrop said...

As for that Journos v. Bloggers thing, it's no longer relevant. Don't take my word for it.