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Monday, April 6, 2009

Daddy Dave takes the plunge

So-called Tim Blair has spawned a whole litter of blogs by regular commenters, including this one. The latest is from Daddy Dave - who has also been very supportive of this blog from day zero.

Early days yet, but The Empiricist looks like it has an intriguing mix of psychology, science and technology.

Go pay him a visit and send our regards.


daddy dave said...

Thanks for the plug, Margos.

It is well known that an endorsement from this blog is the promotional equivalent of a 60 second endorsement on national TV by Kevin Rudd, with Julia Gillard smiling mysteriously in the background, her hands, wrapped around the hilt of two daggers, conveniently hidden in her deep pockets.

Margo's Maid said...

Yes, DD, let's hope there is enough room on the internet for the both of us.

blogstrop said...

So many Blairchildren ... how to feed them all?

Anonymous said...


Chopper ride?

Tim B must be so proud of us. good luck DD

Egg said...

Duly bookmarked ...

kae said...

Hi All

On my way!

hello 1.6, you made me laugh so much the other day with a comment on Blair or Bolt - sorry, can't remember which one it was. But it WAS a hoot!

daddy dave said...

cheers everyone