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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Celebrations imminent

Not many sleeps now until the brave explorers on the Catlin Arctic Ice Survey who, dragging their sleds behind them, will be able to celebrate a special anniversary. April 20 will mark the 41st anniversary of the triumphant arrival of the first people to ski-doo to the North Pole.

Averaging about 6 km per day, it appears that our plucky sled pullers will still not be one third of their planned journey by the time of the anniversary.

(Thanks to Minicapt for the tip.)


Graeme said...

Slightly off topic to the halfwits and their sleds, but the North Pole Marathon has just been run (funnily enough at the North Pole). The winning time was 4 hours 27 min for the winning runner. Pretty good for 42km in -37temps. Obviously the Catlin team just aren't putting enough effort in at only 6km a day!

Margo's Maid said...

Excellent point thanks Graeme. Time for these bludgers to get a move on.