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Sunday, April 19, 2009

National aroma emitted

(Pictured above, brisk economic activity at a store for foreigners.)

Korean dress shops are bustling with customers in the current spring season, being short of work hands and deluged with orders, according to the ever-reliable North Korean news agency.

A cutter told KCNA dozens of customers were coming to the shop every day to order Korean costumes. "All of them," she continued, "gasp their admiration for the graceful and fascinating costumes on show in the sample room.

"Our shop has of late brought about a technical turn in hand-embroidery and cutting of the hem of jogori and its sagging underpart."

The streets of Pyongyang seething with a new revolutionary upsurge look bright with beautiful women in chima and jogori which give off national lyricism and aroma in spring.


blogstrop said...

Yes, when you get all those "customers" together in the town square, the myriad Dancers in Long Gowns, all those primary colours! It's like a scene from Alice In Wonderland: the Mad Queen's Croquet Party.

Egg said...

"give off ... aroma in spring"

Hopefully, not that of last night's kimchi ...