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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The trail of money behind the Catlin Ice Survey

So who is paying for the Catlin Ice Survey?

We know who the sponsors are, but it's not very clear how much each group is paying, or if our heroes are being paid.

What we know is that the major sponsor, Catlin are owned by a range of major shareholders who have a stake in making sure that these explorers come up with data to back up the anthropogenic global warming hypothesis.

For example, major shareholders in Catlin like Invesco have a lot of money invested in climate change, as have M&G, and FIL.

The World Wildlife Fund itself receives millions of pounds from corporate sponsors, though details are not easy to find. One of its largest sponsors, for example, is HSBC, a company that has staked a lot of money on climate change. There is little doubt that WWF has a huge stake in perpetuating AGW theories.

More obviously, direct sponsors of our brave explorers include the European Climate Exchange and carbon offset spruikers, Climate Friendly. Are they paying the wages of the man making the measurements? It would be instructive to know.

A large number of the sponsors of this expedition have a financial stake in scientific findings supporting global warming theories. If this survey had been sponsored to the same extent by traditional energy producers, it would have been laughed off the ice before it even started.

Why should we accept that this research has not been compromised by its financial partners?


Boy on a bike said...

If one were say to compare the amount of money that Big Oil has supposedly donated to the sceptics and deniers to the amount squandered on just this one attention grabbing piece of scientific make believe, how insignificant would the Big Oil contribution seem?

blogstrop said...

I'm hoping the entire AGW industry is about to take a long walk in the snow.

Egg said...

Big Green, 'course!