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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

In space, they can't hear the songs

The ever helpful Minicapt emails with information that according to the DPRK, North Korea's satellite is now broadcasting patriotic songs - though to whom remains spookily unexplained.

BTW A little-reported fact: the DPRK claimed that it sent a satellite into space in 1998.

UPDATE: Oh no, Hans Brix!:
"For North Korea, the question may be what offers the best security — nuclear weapons of their own or a piece of paper.

Perhaps a piece of paper could be made more attractive if it were signed by all the relevant great powers and combined with a peace treaty...

Perhaps former US president Jimmy Carter will go again to Pyongyang, reminding Kim Jong-il and the regime of the wishes of Kim Il-sung."

1 comment:

Daddy Dave said...

North Korea is like a twisted parody of itself.

the other place that gives me the creeps is northern uganda, but there are not even any jokes to be had from that one.