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Friday, April 3, 2009

Going off message

Since the science aspect of it is pretty dubious, one of the major reasons (of course) for the Catlin Arctic Survey is to raise awareness about global warming. However, somebody needs to tell the expeditioners to stay on message. The latest from frost-bitten photographer, Martin Hartley:
"I’m getting extremely frustrated with the stupidly cold temperatures that are making my life a misery, day after day. All I can think about, 24 hours a day, is getting a new sleeping bag on the next re-supply”.
The group are supposed to be resupplied in the next couple of days, but the last air-drop was delayed considerably by inclement weather. They have now been on the ice for 32 days, and at the current average rate of progress (5 km per day), will not complete the journey for another five months.

A similar journey was completed by the team from Top Gear in a week.

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