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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Questions They Won't Ask: Week VIII

The ShadowLands has had a highly disappointing past few weeks, with questions published on the website of ABC television's interactive Q and A program.

Just repeating: the aim of the exercise is to submit a question that not only they refuse to ask, but they also refuse to publish on their website.

This week, we return to a previously successful theme:

For Tanya Plibersek

The ALP has a history of giving safe seats to any woman who is willing to play hide the sausage with an obese, acne-scarred or otherwise deformed in-some-way union leader.

Are you concerned that the Governor General's daughter may be gunning for your seat in Parliament?

UPDATE: At last, not published!


Anonymous said...

"Hey, General-Secretary: if I said you had a really big mandate would you hold it against me?"

Egg said...

In that case, it's small wonder that Labor wymmin are misandrists ...